Teambuilding, Corporate Events & Holiday Parties

“We want young people who can do more than add up a string of numbers and write a coherent sentence.  They must be able to solve problems, communicate ideas and be sensitive to the world around them.  Participation in the arts is one of the best ways to develop these abilities.” – Clifford V. Smith, President of GE

Together Everyone Achieves More

  • Boost morale                                                                       
  • Develop better communication skills
  • Alleviate stress
  • Build trust between team members
  • Embrace diversity
  • Jumpstart creativity and creative
  • Improve time management skills
  • Enjoy some down time with co-worker

Need an activity that will help open the lines of communication, strengthen work relationships, and encourage creative problem solving? Creative Juice provides just those types of activities.

Creative Juice is an art bar; part studio, part bar. We offer painting classes in a fun and relaxed environment.

For your next teambuilding event we offer several options and activities that will help encourage collaboration, originality, and cohesiveness within your team or coworkers. Choose an activity that focuses on the skill you would like to promote or reinforce.  Or just bring your employees in for an afternoon or evening of fun!  Creativity and laughter are good therapy for the soul!

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Teambuilding Options:

Our artist will provide your team with a mural sketched across several smaller canvases. As a team you
will have to work together to decide factors of the painting such as, color scheme or style, to paint a
creative, but unified and cohesive piece. All for one, one for all requires communication, creative
thinking and problem solving. It highlights each individual’s creativity but focuses on teamwork.

Communication is the key! Our creative artist will provide your team with pre-drawn canvases. Your team will have to work together to decide factors of the painting, such as color scheme or style, to create a creative, but unified and cohesive masterpiece.

Did you ever play Telephone as a kid? This activity is Telephone 2.0! Each individual comes up with a plan of what
they would like to paint. They will get to paint for 15 minutes. Then you will be asked to switch seats with
someone in the room. You will get 1–2 minutes to communicate your plan to the next painter. This will be repeated
several times throughout the activity. Talk about teamwork!! These operators will have to focus on efficient communication, time management, and trusting your team to get the job done within the set parameters.

One of our talented artists will channel Bob Ross and walk you step by step through a predetermined painting. The
catch? No one knows what the painting is until it is complete. Your team will have to trust our Bob-Ross-wanna -be
to lead them in the right direction. This activity will help to improve listening skills, trust and time management.

Time to focus on the inner workings of your team. Find their strengths and applaud them!
This is the way we circle your wagons – each person chooses a word that they feel is their strength in the
workplace. Each team is given a circle drawn on 4 canvases, so there is a quarter of the circle on their individual
canvas. Each painter should illustrate their word on their canvas in anyway they choose. You just can’t veer from
the semi circles. After our circles are painted and complete, we will join back together to discuss our words and
representations. This activity produces a vibrant and amazing piece of art to display in your workplace. It also highlights the individuals on your team and how they come together as a whole.

Be creative with your brand/logo and let your team add their artistic lair!
Our artist will provide a drawing of your logo on grid paper. Your teams have to transfer it to a set number of smaller canvases – however they want! Be it logical and methodical or creative and out-of-the-box. Once they have the framework down, the team must paint and embellish! There are many ways to tweak and personalize this experience, please ask us for more details! Improve communication, inspire creative problem-solving and secure the vision for your team and your company.