1. Conversation flows

When we first start an art project as a team, the conversation begins to flow. We enjoy talking about our personal connections with the world around us with fun and laughter. When you combine efforts with different aspects and different ideas is powerful and creates bonds between people.

2. You learn about each other  

Art is is an open invitation to interpretation – so talking about it is a great way to learn about your friends and colleagues. Every person who looks at a work of art brings their own experiences, personal histories, and prior knowledge to it.

What you say about a work of art, or what you see in it, says so much about you. It’s a great way to learn more about others and how they understand the world.

A work of art often communicates a narrative, message, or feeling that is encoded in its visual details, from shapes and figures to textures and colors. The process of deciphering information in the form of an image is described as “visual literacy.” 

3. Art helps develop important skills

Identifying and interpreting visual clues, you draw upon prior knowledge, personal experience, and critical thinking skills such as observation, and interpretation. These skills are transferable to other professional fields, and practicing them can improve performance. 

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